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I have always envied John, a guy I've known for years. He has a wife, which he freely admits, fucking other men, and behaves like a cake! I only wish my own wife Mary was the same ! Ben was yourasiansex a fantasy of mine for years thought of Mary 's cunt filled by another man 's cock ! John has a bed and breakfast / hostel for asylum- DSS, guarantees a good income for him and his wife. But it seems to offer more than bed and breakfast! He said that his wife regularly fucks some of the guests! He loves it because it keeps them happy and hot as hell for him! Many times I 've told John that I would like my wife Mary was like yourasiansex her! A few weeks ago I received a call from the wife of John says, had to leave after his sick mother in search of a week and had to help insert the hostel. He asked if Mary might be interested in staying to help ! My mind was immediately overtime and John knew ! 'You never know mate, I could yourasiansex come home a changed woman !' Hehe joked. I doubt it ! Anyway, Mary is more to help. I took on Sunday afternoon and put John, looking up and it seemed that from now on ! The hostel was a place so ugly and the 'guests ' even more sordid ! John took Mary into his room upstairs, that caught my attention was the following in your own room! I had tea with him and then left to John to your program from the ropes, so to speak! only had a couple of hours later, at midnight, I received a call. I expected it to be Mary, I said good night, but it was John. 'I took Mary ' were his first words! I immediately felt my cock throb ! He explained that he had gone to bed at ten and in his opinion, a bear! They just walked into his room, naked with an erection. She was surprised, obviously, when he approached her bed and climbed ! He wasted no time sliding his hand between her legs and as soon as s began to touch her, she began to moan ! He climbed between her open lenvironmental goods and services and pushed his cock into my wife 's pussy, as she had dreamed, and took it hard for half an hour before spunking into it! ' is really a dirty whore ! ' John said he put the phone! Hardly slept that night and my right hand, overtime November 00 was the yourasiansex clock when John called me back! yourasiansex 'I guess what made ​​the little cake ?' He joked. ' instructed to take two cups of tea in a two Croatian immigrant children together,' he continued. 'It's the dog for so long that I went to see her and.. ' My heart was pounding ! ' closed the door and Mary was a whore for immigrants use ! A spoiled little guy who was convicted frantically behind while she sucked another man 's cock ! To fuck his two friends. What a sight! ' That yourasiansex was a dream come true for me! I had three calls from John in the next few days and it seems that my wife shows nine tails, while yourasiansex she was there! When he got home he said nothing of what he had done, but she wasas another woman, so sex!
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